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CPA Network AffiliateCube provides better partnership and cubometers of profit!

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7 reasons for you to join us

Need figures to make final decision? Here are just some of them:

No payments delays
since 2005
Years of experience
on the market
Popular verticals
and niches presented
Countries across
the globe covered
Advertisers trust us the promotion
of their goods and services
1 100+
Live top performing offers
from direct advertisers
$ 1 200 000+
The amount of monthly
commissions paid

Fast payments processed with no delays

We guarantee our partners won’t get worried about payments ever as our payment process is like a clockwork - on time, every time.

of payment
systems supported

Choose one or distribute funds across all systems you want to get paid to.

We guarantee our partners won’t get worried about payments ever as our payment process is like a clockwork - on time, every time.

Timely & Quick Payment Process

Be sure to get paid what you’ve earned always on time – we process all the payments quickly and without delays.

Payments made
every two weeks

Starting at Monthly NET30 as a new account, just show good volumes and you’ll be upgraded to Bi-Weekly payments.

Flexible Payments

AffiliateCube Network is flexible in payment terms depending on each particular situation. After registration manager will describe details on payments terms for your account individually.

Partners Testimonials

We are proud to work with our partners who bring expertise and insights to our cooperation. See what AffiliateCube partners say about being a part of our CPA Network.

I’m with AffiliateCube for 8 years already. Don’t remember any issues with them – especially love payments always on time ever. And I like how these guys change with times. They always listen to the requests and try to implement them – for example, to create some special banners, or to add particular offer they don’t have yet.
Christopher Harris
Long-time Publisher Partner
When I registered an account, the prettiest thing was a variety of offers. Yes, I found lots of campaigns to promote, and I did. Then the payments – a bit long to wait at first, but now I’m on bi-weekly and I’m happy. The best CPA Network!
Matthew Clark
Satisfied Publisher Partner
AffiliateCube has helped us to increase sales of our product significantly. It is one of our steadfast and consistent partners for over 3 years. 80% of leads we receive from AffiliateCube convert into sales and returning customers.
AffiliateCube’s Exclusive Advertiser Partner
It is always pleasant to work with those who are experts in their field. Integration took few minutes, and we started receiving first leads the same day. User-friendly interface of the panel makes it easy to find out full and necessary information on leads.
One of the Direct Advertisers

Offers Top payouts and verticals

We deal with top brands at the highest rates possible across nearly all verticals and geo. So no matter what your traffic source is, we’ll find the best solution to monetize it.

Our cutting-edge technologies

Maximize your revenue with our CPA Network. Utilize smart tools, control the process with highly detailed statistics and analytics.

Campaign Redirect

Campaign Redirect

Campaign Redirect
Run multiple offers of your choice through one link – system will detect both offers matching your traffic features (geo, device, browser) and those that perform best.
Smart Banners

Smart Banners

Smart Banners
Attract more users to the ad with banners – we have plenty of them, and banner rotation tool will show your audience the most relevant and high converting ones.
Highly detailed statistics on each click

Highly detailed statistics on each click

Highly detailed statistics on each click
We’ll show you each click and action at its most detailed level. Get full information on your traffic behavior to optimize your performance.
Advanced <br>Analytics


Advanced <br>Analytics
Data by days, weeks and months is accurately gathered in the table and compared with previous periods showing significant changes of traffic for you to act immediately.