Why AffiliateCube?

Boost your sales

AffiliateCube helps you increase your online presence and target your customer efficiently for
a high ROI.

Pay for results

AffiliateCube tracking system records each publisher's leads and sales to easily track their effectiveness and due payments.

Real time statistics

AffiliateCube provides you with the most advanced real-time statistics and analytics tools on the market.

Friendly support

AffiliateCube has friendly and helpful online support. We will do our best to make your work easier.

Market your products and offers online

Internet has become such an integral part of modern society that promotion of goods and services by means of global Network is the easiest way to increase profit and popularity of brands today.

Get more sales for your business

Affiliate programs are the best way to promote your goods and services on the Internet. You don't need to waste your time searching for potential clients, AffiliateCube will do it for you. We offer advertisers beneficial partnership conditions to help promote your products and services. Control over every stage of the campaign, rigorous traffic verification process as well as a cost-per-action model make our program your ideal choice.

You only pay for result.

We use CPA (cost-per-action) model. This model provides advertisers with target consumers and thereby minimizes expenses on advertising. You pay only for actions, which you have appointed. We conduct careful multistage check on our every webmaster to provide our advertisers with only high quality targeted traffic.

Three easy steps to success


Fill out the advertiser registration form by clicking on the Signup button below and we will get in touch with you by phone, email or through instant messaging. Once your account is created on the AffiliateCube platform, you will receive an email with all your user information.

Set-up your offers

Log in to your AffiliateCube advertiser account and choose which type of action a customer needs to complete (sign up, fill out the form, download etc.), set up your price, select your desired geographical targeting, and finally choose the appropriate type of promotion (banners, keywords, contextual, email etc.). That is it, you are ready to go online!

Ready to go!

Once your offer is in the system and goes through a successful tracking test drive, we will spread the word to our entire publisher Network about the launch of your program with us. From now on, our publishers will advertise your products and bring you leads and sales.